4 Occasions When You Should Schedule Door Closer Repair Services

The door closers of your building are essential to keeping it secure and functioning correctly. Unfortunately, like any other machine, door closers can fail due to wear and tear or damage from external sources. When this happens, it's crucial to schedule door repair services as soon as possible to avoid further damage or inconvenience. To help you better understand when to call for repairs, here are four occasions when you should schedule door closer repair services:

When a Door Closer Is Noisy

If your door closes loudly, it could indicate something is wrong with the mechanism. Not only can a noisy door closer disrupt the peace of your building, but it could also be a sign of an impending malfunction. To avoid the door not closing correctly or becoming stuck, schedule repair services as soon as possible. A repair technician can inspect the door and its closer to determine if the issue can be fixed or requires a replacement.

When the Door Closer Is Jammed

If you notice that your door closer isn't fully closing or is sticking, it could be a sign of misalignment or faulty parts. For instance, the springs, arms, or other components may prevent the door from closing correctly. Don't hesitate to call a repair technician as soon as you notice an issue. The closer may need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced to ensure it functions as designed.

A Loose Door Closer

If you can see that the door closer is loose or damaged, it's likely in need of repair. Loose parts may cause the door closer to malfunction, leading to further issues down the line. For instance, if the arm or piston isn't properly secured, it might not close the door properly. Ensure to call a repair technician for an inspection and repairs if necessary.

When the Door Closer Is Leaking Oil

Most door closers are equipped with an oil reservoir, which is meant to lubricate the door closer's moving parts. If you notice leaking or oil pooling, the reservoir must be refilled or replaced. It's best to call a repair technician as soon as you become aware of a leak, as too much oil can cause problems.

Keeping your property's door closers in working order is essential to your safety and security. When you notice an issue, don't hesitate to call a repair technician as soon as possible. A qualified technician can inspect and repair any door closer issues, so you can rest assured that your building is safe and secure. Contact a door closer repair company today to ensure your door closers remain in top condition. 

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