3 Ways Your Locksmith Can Prevent Lock Bumping On Your Property

Lock bumping is quite common, and many homeowners have fallen victim to this crime. Lock bumping is a technique burglars use to break into locks by aligning the lock's pins with a bump key. Locksmiths originally used the bump key method to help people get into their houses after losing their keys. Unfortunately, there are so many videos today on bump locking on the internet, and anyone can learn how to do it.

Lock bumping does not leave signs of forced entry, and you will only know someone was in your house when you realize some of your belongings are missing. Luckily, an experienced locksmith can use various techniques to prevent unauthorized entry into your home through lock bumping. Here are some of them.

1. Setting up an Anti-Bumping Tool

Ant-bumping devices are a great way to improve your home's security if you use deadbolt locks. Turning the deadbolt's thumb with a bump key is impossible when these devices are installed. The only way someone would access your home is by getting the right keys for your deadbolt lock. However, professionals recommend using the anti-bumping tools when inside the house or on doors you don't use that often. Sometimes, it can be hard to open a lock with an anti-bump key even when you have the right keys.

2. Installing Security Pins

Security pins for your locks are ideal if you are unsure about investing in anti-bump devices. When the professionals install these pins in your locks, someone using a bump key will find it challenging to get to the lock's shear line. Remember that burglars like working fast to avoid getting caught. Therefore, if they find something that delays their process, they will likely move to an easier target. However, security pins are not full-proof, and if someone tries harder, they might finally open the locks and access your home.

3. Installing Smart Locks

Since smart locks don't have keyholes, they offer full-proof protection against lock bumping. Smart locks can be unlocked using fingerprints, voice control, keycards, or your smartphone. Moreover, most smart locks can be integrated with your phone, so you always get an alert when someone opens them. As a result, you can easily identify when an unknown or unexpected party breaks into your house even before you get there.

If you want to ensure that no one gets into your house without your knowledge, hire a locksmith to increase your lock security. These professionals can install anti-lock bumping devices, security pins, or smart locks to ensure your house is not an easy target for burglars. However, ensure you find experienced and reputable locksmiths to enjoy the best services. For more information on locksmith services, contact a professional near you.

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