4 Things You Can Do if Your Is Key Stuck in the Lock

Sometimes, after you have used a key for a long time, it may break down. This happens sometimes with old keys and occasionally with weak new keys. If your key gets stuck in the lock, here are some steps to take.

1. Don't Use the Broken Key to Open the Door

First, you need to make sure you don't use the broken half of the key to try and continue to unlock the door. If you use the broken half to try to open the lock, you risk pushing the broken part further into the lock. If you push the broken key further into the lock, the lock is going to be even more challenging to open.

You want to save the broken half of the key that is not stuck in the lock. Your locksmith is going to need to use the two key parts to create a new key if you don't have another copy of the key for that lock.

2. Just Tap the Lock

Sometimes you don't need to use any advanced tools to fix the lock. If you can remove the lock, you just need to spray a little lubricant into the lock, then tap the lock on its side against a hard object.

As you tap the lock, be sure to keep the hole on the lock uncovered so the key portion may slide out. If the key only comes partially out, grab some pliers or just pull the key out with your fingers.

3. Use a Key Extractor Tool

Second, when you call a professional to get the key out of your lock, they may use a key extractor tool to get the key out. The key extractor can help pull the damaged key out of your lock by using a small hook to catch the key and pull it out. This special tool is something most mobile locksmiths carry, although you can purchase a key extractor tool for just a few dollars.

4. Use a Mini Hacksaw Blade

If you don't have an extractor tool on hand, you can use a mini hacksaw blade or a mini jigsaw blade to pull the key out. You just insert the blade at an angle and use it to grab onto the teeth side of the key to pull it out.

Of course, you don't need to do this on your own. Instead, call up a locksmith so they can bring all the right tools to fix your lock right away. Once they remove the key, they can make you a new key and make sure the lock still works.

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