Why Keypad Locks Are Ideal For Your Business

Did a burglar damage the deadbolt door lock to your business after picking it to break inside? You might want to install door locks that are more complicated for criminals to pick, such as keypad locks that require a code or card for entry into the building. Find out in this article why an investment in keypad locks is ideal for securing the doors to your building.

Picking the Locks is Difficult

One of the benefits of keypad locks is that they cannot be picked by manipulating a pin and tumbler system like with deadbolt locks. Keypad locks works off of electric motor, and it is difficult for the bolt to move if the motor is not functional. Using an activated card or code is the only way to get past a keypad lock without having to do a lot of work to pick it open.

Scheduled Access is Possible

A great benefit about a keypad lock that makes it stand out is that you can control the times in which it can be accessed. For instance, even if you give your employees activated cards or codes to get inside of the building; you can set some keypad locks to automatically stop allowing access at certain times. Scheduled access can come in handy if you don't want anyone in the building after certain hours of the day, such as if there is a reason to not trust certain employees.

Do Away with Keys

Trying to keep up with keys can be a headache, especially if you have several of them for different areas of your building. Plus, there is always the chance that an employee might not return a key after he or she quits or is fired. You can end up with your key possibly reaching the hands of a criminal. With keypad locks, you can simply deactivate cards or codes when an employee no longer works for your company. You also have the ability to quickly activate new codes and cards as they are needed, rather than getting extra keys made.

Various Model Options

If you don't like the idea of completely getting rid of traditional keys, you can invest in keypad locks that have keyholes. There are keypad lock models that can be used in multiple ways, such as with codes, cards and keys. You have the option of choosing a single method for opening the locks as well to keep everything simple. Speak to a commercial lock repair company like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc about replacing your damaged deadbolt with a keypad lock as soon as you can.

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