Protecting Your Key Fob From Loss Or Damage

While regular keys are typically inexpensive, replacing a car key fob can be an expensive venture. It is also not as easy to do, as you will need to get the key fob programmed by a professional. Having to go through this process can make access to your vehicle a major debacle. For this reason, you should make it a priority to protect your car key fob. Here are some ways to make sure you wont have to deal with your key.

Get a key wallet

One of the best ways to protect your key fob and to protect all of your other surfaces is to get a key holder wallet. The key holder should have key rings and completely enclose your key and key fob. This will keep your key fob safe and untouched. It will also keep your leather purses or pockets of your nice clothing from being caught, ripped, or snagged by your keys.

Hang, rather than lay

it can be difficult to notice but when you grab your keys when they are laying down, you are more likely to grab the key itself, and possibly press it with your fingers or with the palm of your hand. This can unnecessarily push keys and if done too often or too hard, it can damage keys or buttons. Instead of laying your keys down on a table or in a bowl, hang the keys up. This way, you are likely to pick it up by the ring that you are hanging the key on, rather than pressing into the key when picking it up.

Pocket the keys immediately

If your key fob is not in use inside of the ignition of your vehicle, you should have it loosely inside of a pocket or inside of a bag at all times. Holding your keys inside of your hand can become a habit, but it is one that can wear down the mechanics of the key and cause damage that must be repaired later. Holding keys inside of your hands when you sweat, when it rains, or heating it up with the warmth of your hand can all contribute to the degradation of your key. Having the keys in a loose and ventilated pocket or purse, rather than a restricted environment, such as the palm of your hand or a back pocket is one of the best ways to make sure your key fob runs long term.  

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