3 Tips To Help You Stop Losing Your Keys

There are only a few essential things that you need when stepping out of your home, and one of those is your keys. But, keys have a funny way of getting lost; in fact, statistics show that keys are one of the top 5 lost items (for men). Although, the statistics did show that the average American (without specifying gender) will spend 6 minutes looking for his or her keys. The following are a few simple tips that may help you stop losing your keys. 

1. Use Your Smart Phone

You know that losing your keys can be headache, not to mention that it can get pricey if you have to replace them over and over again. One of the most interesting and smart ways to stop this is by simply using an application on your smart phone. You do have to make a small investment that could run up to 20 dollars, although this does depend where you purchase the key-link tracker. The tracker works with your smart phone application once installed. All you have to do is turn on the application, and a sound will alert you to where your keys are. 

The application also has the ability to track your keys if they are too far for you to hear the sound. 

2. Make Them Bulkier

You might not love the idea of carrying keys that are a little bulky with bigger key-chains, but this might actually help prevent you from losing your keys. The reason is it is harder to put down bulky keys without noticing, not to mention that they are also highly visible and won't easily sink in between your couch cushions. 

3. Find A Special Place For Your Keys

This is a very simple way to prevent you from losing your keys, and you can do it with a key holder or a bowl that you do not use. All you have to do is place the key holder or bowl near your door where you can place your keys every time you come in to your house. Even though this step might not seem too interesting, studies have shown that repetitive actions may help you remember better and help you stop losing your keys.

There you go, just a few simple ways to make sure you know where your keys are at all times or to make it easier to find them should you lose them. For more information, contact a business such as One Call Lock & Key.   

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