Car Tips: A Transponder Key May Help Theft-Proof Your Vehicle

You take care of your vehicle for a number of reasons, but you also know that your car may be in danger of theft. In fact, there are an estimated 699,594 automobile thefts a year. Thankfully, you can do something to help protect your vehicle by having your locksmith install a transponder key and system. The following guide will show you why you should consider this system.

The Transponder's Unique Signal

The word transponder basically explains the function, which is a system of transmitting and responding. The transponder key has a little chip inside that contains a unique winding system ready to send an electrical signal to your vehicle. This happens when you turn your vehicle to the run position, which gives your transponder enough energy to send this unique signal to your vehicle's engine control unit. Your vehicle will not start if it does not recognize the signal received through its immobilizer system, which is just part of the transponder system. 

You should also know that the transponder key comes in many forms, which could make it easier for you to use, like a button ignition. This simply means that you just have to press a button to turn on the car as long as the key is inside of the vehicle, making your life a little simpler. You can talk to your locksmith about the type of transponder systems available to you to find the best one that suits your needs.

Additional Advantage Of The Transponder Key System

You know the basic security advantage of using the transponder key system, but there is another:

May Lower Insurance Cost

Taking the extra step towards making your vehicle a little more secure is not only important to you, but your insurance as well, because you are making your vehicle less of a threat to them. You are making it more probable that they won't have to deal with a theft, which usually means that you can ask for a discount if they have one available. 

Do not forget to ask your locksmith specialist if there are other things you can do to make your car safer, which could benefit you in the long-run. And consider asking for a duplicate key just in case you loose your key. But, as you can see, installing a transponder system in your car is more than a good idea that might save you money and a big headache. 

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