How To Remove Your Old Deadbolt Safely And Install A New One

If you need to replace your locks because an ex-partner or ex-roommate has left the building, you may find that the deadbolt is your most difficult lock to remove. However, because you already have all of the necessary holes cut out of the door for a new deadbolt, your new deadbolt installation will go much faster and easier. Here is how you can safely remove your old deadbolt and install a new one.

Remove the Strike Plate

The strike plate is the flat metal plate that goes in between the door frame and the door post. It holds the bolt in place, so you will need to remove the strike plate first. This is also the easiest part of the process because the strike plate has a couple of screws that can be removed with a screwdriver or a power driver if the screws are really tight.

Once the strike plate is off, you will notice that the bolt is a little loose and moves around a bit in its hole. Next, look for screws on the deadbolt lock. These should be facing inside the house towards you; otherwise the lock was improperly installed in the first place.

Remove the Screws (and Any Adhesive) from the Deadbolt 

Next, locate the screws holding the two sides of the deadbolt in place. Unscrew them and pull the screws all the way out. If a sealant was used to secure the two sides of the deadbolt to the door, take a utility knife and carefully insert the tip under the deadbolt hardware.

Slowly drag and gently push the knife all the way around the deadbolt. Repeat for the opposite side if you notice any type of adhesive holding it in place. Now you are ready to remove the last parts of the lock.

Pull/Pop off The Deadbolt

Now that you have successfully loosened the bolt lock, you may need a flathead screwdriver to pop off the lock. This acts as a lever to help you pry the lock out far enough so you can get a good grasp on it. Then you can pull the front and back parts free, leaving only the bolt in place. The bolt should be able to come out of the bolt hole or out of either side of the lock hole. Now you are ready to install the new lock.

Installing the New Deadbolt

The new deadbolt typically will fit right in where the old one was, unless you purchased a fancier deadbolt with added security features. (Use a standard deadbolt as the example here.) If you have a very similar new deadbolt, just reverse the steps you took to remove the old lock for your new deadbolt installation. Check to make sure the lock locks and opens with the key once you have finished the installation, and you are all done!

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