How To Get A Replacement Key For Your Car

Chances are that you give very little thought to your car keys throughout the day until the time comes when you can't find them. It used to be suggested that car owners make a copy of their car keys and store the copy in the car (which required the car to be unlocked to have access to the key) or put the key in a hide-a-key box and attach it to an area along the bottom of the car. However, car thieves quickly caught on to the common hiding spaces and made this become extremely bad advice.

If you lose your car key then you may find yourself with a car that's currently useless to you. Therefore, you should educate yourself on car key replacement options so you won't be stuck for long.

Getting a replacement key for an older vehicle

The fastest way for you to replace a key for an older vehicle may be to get the assistance of a locksmith. You can make things easy by giving them as much information on your car as possible. This information includes the VIN number or the year, make and model of the car.

The VIN number can be located in several areas on your car. These may include on the corner of the dashboard near the windshield, on the inside of the front driver's door panel, in the trunk, on a rear wheel well, or on the front of the engine block.

A locksmith will be able to fabricate a new key for you that will work for your car. It's important to note that a locksmith will generally have an easier time making you a replacement key the older your car is. They will come out and get into your car using a method that works for the type of ca you have and then make the key to fit your ignition.

Replacing a key for a newer car

If you have a newer car that uses a programmable key, then you may find the easiest way is for you to go directly to the dealer. Go to a dealer that specifically deals in your make of car. They will be able to give you a key you will be able to program for your car. You can do this yourself by reading the information provided on the topic in the owner's manual for your car. You can think of programming your replacement car key as similar to programming your TV's remote control.

It's always a good idea to get a car replacement key before you find yourself in need of one. Keep the key in a safe place, such as in a safe in your home. Having an extra key on hand saves you the trouble of being stranded while you get another one.

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