Keeping Track Of Your Keys

You are running late to work, so you take a fast shower, throw on your clothes, and reach for your keys, which aren't on the bedside table where you know you left them. You make a mad dash through the house, tossing couch pillows and digging through the change jar. Finally, after a twenty-minute scramble, you find them behind the refrigerator, covered in dust bunnies. You can end this frustrating hunt if you try new methods to keep track of your keys.

Key Spot

Your mother may have told you to always put your keys in the same spot every day when you arrive home. That way, you will always know where they are. You can put a bowl on a hall table and place your keys in it immediately upon entering your house. This method works well for organized and conscientious types who don't let themselves get distracted by the kids screaming or the dog begging for food. Of course, organized and conscientious types aren't the ones who misplace their keys in the first place. Still, if you can train yourself to do nothing else until you've parked your keys, this simple system will solve your problem.

Go Big

If you add several big and bright key chains to your current set of keys, you will be less likely to misplace them. They won't be able to get stuck in small spaces, and you won't be able to stick them in your jeans' pocket and forget them. They will be poking you until your remember to remove them and put them in an appropriate place. You will also be able to see them from some distance if you do just plop them on the first convenient surface.

Memory Training

During the day, you do many things while your mind is on "autopilot." You may unlock your door and drop your keys without being truly conscious of what you are doing. One way to combat this tendency is to say out loud, "I'm putting my keys on the nightstand."  You can also create a mental picture of where your keys are. Picture them opening the alarm clock or even sounding a morning alarm themselves. These simple efforts can save you time and frustration on your already overloaded mornings.

You can lose your keys at any age, often due to simple inattention. Consciously placing your keys in the same spot daily can solve that problem, but if you continually forget to do that, you can try other methods. Keychains that are too big to miss and memory exercises can help you conquer your tendency to misplace your keys. Keep trying different methods until you find your key to remembering. If you find yourself needing emergency car key replacement, look to a specialist near you right away.

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