Locked Out By Tenant: Helpful Things About Picking Deadbolt Locks

Did you break into your rental property due to an evicted tenant locking you out out of anger? If you want to learn how to pick a deadbolt lock in case one of your future tenants does the same thing, there are a few tools that you will need for the task. Find out in this article the things you should know about picking deadbolt locks.

What Kinds of Tools are Required for Picking a Deadbolt Lock?

There are basically just two basic tools that are needed for successfully picking a deadbolt lock. You need one of the tools to manipulate small pins that are in the interior of the lock, which is called a pick. You will also need a tool called a tension wrench that can turn the keyhole as the keys are being manipulated. You should be able to find the tools at a local hardware store. Once you have them in your possession, you can practice picking a deadbolt so you can do it in efficient manner.

How Can a Homeowner Practice Picking a Deadbolt Lock?

The first thing that must be done is turning the keyhole with the tension wrench. Put the wrench in the keyhole just like a key and turn it clockwise. Keep the keyhole in position when it is completely turned. You must then put the pick inside of the keyhole and make sure the curved end of it goes inside of the lock. You should proceed to attempt lifting up each pin and carefully listen for a clicking sound that will tell you that they are locked into place. If you are unsuccessful after several attempts, you can simply leave picking deadbolts to a locksmith.

How Much Will a Locksmith Charge If He or She is Needed?

There are a few things that a locksmith will factor into what he or she decides to charge for picking the deadbolt lock to your rental property. For instance, the day and time will play a role in the price, as holidays and odd hours are more expensive. You should expect to pay at least $35 or more for the locksmith to drive to your property, which will be in addition the charge for picking the lock. Charges during odd hours and holidays are estimated at $150 and up. Call for the help of a locksmith during any hour of the day that you need the lock to your rental property picked!

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